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Current Show Cats

We are showing Mainesuspect Boomerang, a gorgeous brown classic and high white male from GC Tropikoons Bhodi of Mainesuspect ex Mainesuspect Lady Marmalade as well as Mainesuspect Inanna from QGC Cascademtn Momo Wawa ex SGC RW Sarajen Wasabi Fusion of Cascademtn, a lovely silver and white classic female, both in kitten class.
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Show Cats Recent Past


SGC Mainesuspect Easy Rawlins from SGC, RW Coonyham Timberlands of Cascademtn and Whatatrill Anahata of Mainesuspect. Easy was our 2019, pre-pandemic show boy, a gorgeous red classic and white tabby. He just finished his kitten career and was highest scoring cat in first adult show. Easy had a great show career and is now luxuriating as a beloved pet.


Mainesuspect Mi'os as a kitten, just 4 months old, from CH Tropikoons Scarlett and GC, RW Mainesuspect Sheru. A lovely brown classic tabby and white, he now lives in Finland with Anna Toivonen of Tip Top Maine Coons

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