New Kitten information - food, litter, etc.

We combine blue wilderness chicken for kittens and Trader Joe's ground chicken, 1/4 can and equal chicken. I make four baggies of chicken and freeze 3 until I've used 1, then defrost 1. I feed 4 times a day. If you feed the raw chicken, you can mix up canned food using different varieties as raw chicken contains such great nutrients.


Dry food we feed is Instinct grain-free with real rabbit.

Other canned food we often feed mixed with raw chicken.


Kittens are rasied using Tidy Cats Breeze litter system, which I highly recommend.


Please read our sample contract. 

If you wish to get pet health insurance, which is advisable, we use Trupanion.

We are using NuVet supplement for cats and love it!

While cuddles, quality food & love are important, do you know ‘HOW TO’ enjoy The Longest-Healthiest life you’re your kitten?  Feed HIGH quality food and supplement with NuVet Plus. When you build strong immunity, minimize cell damage, and avoid toxic chemicals causing cell mutations, you stack the odds in your favor!   What you FEED your pet and what you EXPOSE them to are vital:


  1. FEED High quality food & treats.  NOT sourced in China or filled with sugar and chemicals.

  2. SUPPLEMENT with NuVet Plus Immune booster to PROTECT your pet,  NOURISH w/ 30 nutrients which help slow aging, support skin and coat health,  and remove toxins.

  3. Provide PURE water (many municipal water supplies are high in chlorine etc.) AND use stainless bowls vs plastic or ceramic which leeches in water

  4. AVOID chemicals in food, treats AND around your home:  Pesticides, lawn chemicals, cleaners.  These are believed to be as the #1 cause of the increase in pet cancer


Of all the items you purchase, a strong immune system is #1 : Cats “first line of defense”.

PROTECT your Kitten & order on-line before go-home day:

Phone: 800-474-7044 use Order Code: 296930

(They offer auto ship so it’s easy and affordable:  $16 a month to KEEP your kitten healthy and happy for years to come)


NOURISH with NuVet and enjoy THE BEST life with your fur-baby!