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New Kitten information - foodS, litter, etc.

Raw food - sometimes a shock to new kitten owners. Its understandable. But think of your precious kitten as a tiny little lion, filled with the nutritional needs of a predator. Your new kitten has been raised on Viva Raw beef but also with Fancy Feast chicken kitten canned and Instinct dry as not everyone is amenable to feeding raw.


We have partnered with Viva Raw, which I highly recommend. For 20% off your first order, just click this link. 


We feed the chicken and turkey Viva but they offer a number of protein sources. Cats just love it. It comes in frozen 1 lb bricks. It is a complete meal by itself or it can be mixed with canned food. All my kittens are weaned onto VIVA. They also sell raw dog food which is fabulous. These are COMPLETE BALANCED DIETS.

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If you have one or two cats, kitten, 3 oz, is perfect size. 


Instinct raw boost grain-free chicken dry food is an excellent dry that we leave available at all times.


Kittens are raised with the Tidy Cats Breeze system, which is pellets and disposable pads. I also keep a litter box of crystal. 

Oddly, cats have sensitive stomachs. So I've got some tips. I sprinkle a probiotic on the wet food each meal. I think any cat probiotic is fine but I'll put photo of what I use. And if there are tummy upsets, or in times of food transitions, I use Proviable Digestive Health supplement. I buy on Amazon

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