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Pet Insurance Discount Terms

We offer a $200 discount if you purchase pet insurance for at least nine months. To qualify, proof of insurance must be provided before pickup and final payment


The $200 will go towards coverage for your kitten from 12 weeks when it goes to your home up to when kitten turns 1 year of age. To qualify, please purchase pet insurance of your choice before you pick up your kitten and provide me a copy for my records of written proof of insurance.


You of course may choose the pet insurance of your choice. That way you can manage coverage amount (cap on how much insurance company will pay a year) and deductibles (how much you have to pay out of pocket before insurance kicks in.) Many major insurers now offer pet insurance and you might get a discount with company that covers your home or car. 

There are dozens of pet insurance companies. Some are as low as $20 a month, others as high as $40 a month or higher. Some cover almost everything, others are more limited. A few directly reimburse the vet but most reimburse you.

This is a win/win for both breeder and new pet owner. You have the peace of mind that your kitten is protected from vet bills you can't afford. I have the peace of mind knowing you are responsible for your cat's health issues because you have pet insurance.

Often people want to and plan to get pet insurance but it just slips by the wayside and doesn't actually happen. This way, there is a monetary incentive to help people make the decision to get pet health insurance.

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