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Our Two CFA Grand Champion Studs

CFA Grand Champion Tropikoons Bhodi of Mainesuspect, gorgeous silver classic and white male from Stephanie Boulter. Bhodi is a very big guy, tall and long. He's sired kittens.  Pedigree

HCM, SMA, PK Def N/N per CatScan dna. Carries dilute, does not carry solid

HCM ultrasound screen on 5/19/22 clear of hcm.

Lean (but not at all mean), Bhodi at 1 1/2 years is 19 lbs. He is a very big guy and will top out at perhaps 22 lbs.

One to show his precious face


One to show his playful charm


And one to show his fabulous pattern and color


GC Pimacoon Dr. Zaius of Mainesuspect, red classic tabby and white sired by GC Mainesuspect Sheru of Pimacoon by Pimacoon Jewel bred by Rick Eisenmann. Pedigree. He is clear by parentage for dna hcm, sma and pk def. "Doc" is a gentle and sweet lover and a big, hefty fullback kind of guy. He has not yet sired. Summer 2023 probably.

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